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>>From: (Joe Turner)
>>Subject: Re: New York sues EPA over acid rain
>>Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 13:03:29 GMT
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>>In, (Reuters) wrote:
>>> ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuter) - The state of New York sued the 
>>>Environmental Protection Agency Friday, claiming the federal
>>>agency failed to address the root of the state's acid rain
>>> State attorney general Dennis Vacco, who filed the lawsuit 
>>>in a U.S. district court in Albany, said the EPA was instructed
>>>by Congress to develop so-called ``deposition standards'' to
>>>regulate emissions from Midwestern factories and had failed to
>>>do so.
>>> The two major components of acid rain are sulfur dioxide and 
>>>nitrogen oxide, which come from burning fossil fuels in
>>>factories and cars.
>>> The nitrogen oxide travels hundreds of miles as a gas, and 
>>>when it mixes with moisture, it turns to nitric acid and falls
>>>to earth as snow, rain or fog.
>>> Vacco said an estimated 10 percent of the 2,800 lakes and 
>>>streams in New York's lush Adirondack region were devoid of fish
>>>life as a result of acid rain and an additional 40 percent would
>>>become acidic if additional emission reductions were not
>>> An EPA spokesman said the agency could not comment on the 
>>>lawsuit until its lawyers reviewed the case.
>>> Environmentalists applauded the precedent-setting lawsuit, 
>>>but Jeff Jones of the Albany-based Environmental Advocates
>>>organization criticized state officials for implying that New
>>>York's acid rain problem was solely caused by other states.
>>> ``It's not just a Midwest problem,'' Jones said. ``New York 
>>>has some old power plants that either need to be shut down or
>>>brought up to emission standards like new power sources.''
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